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Create Events

It’s time to engage your audience; Give a name for your event, pick your dates and setting, assign team members, choose the data you want to collect, click SAVE…and you’re ready to roll. QwikDash will handle the rest. 

Create Events

Capture. Qualify. Measure.

Whether you're attending a conference, festival, trade show or expo, your goal is to gather data and generate leads - not heard cats and decode handwriting. 

Say goodbye to the headaches and hassle, and say hello to your new customers. QwikDash is powerful enough to handle all of your experimental marketing needs and versatile enough to handle any environment. Our easy-to-use platform helps your brand stand apart from your competitors and gives you real-time access to your hottest leads.

Event Marketing & Experimental Marketing Solutions

Event marketing and experimental marketing are great ways to gather leads while leaving a lasting, brand-focused impression on your prospects. When executed correctly, you can convert average attendees into life-long customers. 

The key to building an effective event marketing campaign is to identify your targeted audience and to engage them. QwikDash helps you do both. Integrate your brand, hold contests, take images, collect data, capture leads and share your results to drive your sales goals.

Unleash Your True Potential With QwikDash

Qwikdash is versatile. It was designed to handle all of your event marketing needs, regardless of the venue, environment or audience. From set-up to your post-event follow-up, you'll have everything you need to capture, engage, prioritize and convert your leads in real-time. 
In a world where most have turned a blind eye towards traditional marketing efforts, QwikDash gives your company the opportunity to physically connect with your audience and generate hot leads.

Event Marketing Made Easy

Qwikdash was originally built for some of the biggest brands around, now it has been enhanced and made available for companies of all shapes and sizes. You don't need a Blue Chip budget or a large sales team - all you need is QwikDash. 
Our technology has been designed and tested for a variety of different environments and needs. Some of the most common uses for QwikDash include:

  • Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Sporting Events
  • Sales Floors
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Concerts
  • Agencies

For Agencies

Let QwikDash handle all of your agency's data collection and lead generation needs. Whether you're looking for market research, event marketing or brand promotion, we've got the features you need to WOW your client and deliver sustainable results. Best of all, we provide one-point-of-entry to manage all of your brands.

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