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Data Capture

Data collection and lead generation have never been easier; Quickly capture, engage, prioritize and convert your leads using the most versatile and customizable tool on the market. Works on any device.

Data Capture

Go Pro With Your Event Marketing

QwikDash's is the most effective lead and data capture tool on the market. Whether you're collecting data in a crowded showroom, a large sporting event or at a music festival far from civilization, you'll have everything you need to engage, capture, prioritize and convert. 

Our survey tool was built for your unique needs in the competitive world of data capture. With fully customizable features, you have the ability to engage like never before. QwikDash takes your event marketing efforts to the next level.

Your Goals. Our Solutions.

With QwikDash, you can choose what information you want and need. Our survey is fully customizable, allowing you to generate different questions and data capture fields based on your goals. Capture the information that's most important to you.

Prioritized Lead Generation

Time is everything, especially when it comes to tracking down leads in today's competitive marketplace. Our prioritized lead generation feature gives you the ability to see your hottest leads in real-time. 

By establishing qualifying questions, you're able to determine your prospects' value as a lead, which is a huge advantage when it comes to beating your competitors to the punch. 

Whether you're looking for lead generation at a single event or during a long-term event marketing campaign, QwikDash helps you separate the contenders from the pretenders.

Exporting Your Results

Having the ability to use and export your collected data for lead generation is crucial. With live reporting and real-time access to your data and leads, you can enhance your ability to generate lifelong customers and close deals. 

Once you finished your data capture, QwikDash gives you the ability to export your results to XLS or CSV file. Your data will be easily digestible, providing quick action for leads and follow-ups. You can even add your data and leads to your CRM.

Global Data Capture and Lead Generation

Having the ability to implement a global event marketing strategy could be extremely beneficial for your company or organization. You can extend your reach internationally, build your brand's awareness and establish relationships with prospects in a global marketplace. 

QwikDash can be used in any country and is used for any language. We eliminate the barriers and give you the ability to deliver your message and capture data from anywhere.

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