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Intuitive Surveys

The QwikDash survey tool uses a prospect's answers to determine their likeliness of being a valuable lead to your company's services and/or products. It is an effective way to ensure you're reaching out to your hottest leads in a timely manner.

Intuitive Surveys

The Most Effective Survey Tool In Data Collection

QwikDash features the most innovative survey tool on the market. Whether you're at a large festival, a crowded showroom or a competitive sales floor, we give you the ability to collect the information you need with ease. 

Our survey tool is fully customizable, giving you total freedom to execute your data collection goals. Create your desired questions and answers to engage your prospects and generation hot leads in real time. 

Our drag and drop functionality makes our survey tool quick and easy to use. 

Set up your survey to generate different questions based on your prospects' answers. This way, the prospect only sees relevant questions, so they can provide you with relevant answers. This is a powerful way to gain insight from your prospects and follow up with them on the information that's most important to them.

Prioritize Your Lead Generation

Our survey tool also allows you to prioritize your leads based on your prospect's responses. When you identify qualifying questions, QwikDash is able rank your leads based on their responses - giving you quick access to the prospects that are most likely to purchase your products and identify with your brand. 

Prioritizing your leads is a great way to ensure your reaching out to your hottest leads in a timely manner. No need for data entry or number crunching, we do all the work for you - including live reporting.

Brand Integration

Promote your brand by adding your logos, colors and products into your survey. We give you the tools to leave memorable impressions with a clean, stylish display that will stay fresh on the minds' of your prospects.

Export Your Data

Once you've collected your data, you can export your results to XLS or CSV file.
Your results will be easy to breakdown, giving you market insights, valuable leads and data collection in real-time. You can even add this collected data to your CRM.
Say Cheese! 

Pictures are great for fueling social media campaigns and promoting your brand. With our survey tool, you can allow prospects to take and upload pictures while entering their data. 

It's just one more way QwikDash helps you stay one step ahead of the curve.

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