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Live Reporting

QwikDash provides live reporting, which allows you to monitor your event and follow-up on leads quickly and efficiently. You'll have access to live streaming data that will help you track your event success and adjust accordingly.

Live Reporting

Real Results With Live Reporting

Track your experimental marketing results in real-time using QwikDash. Whether you are working a one-time event or overseeing a long-term campaign, you'll have access to your insights whenever you need them thanks to our live reporting capabilities. 

Access to real-time data helps you:

  • See how your prospects are answering your survey questions.
  • Prioritize your leads to determine which prospects are hot, which are not and follow-up with them in a timely fashion.
  • Find out which team members are capturing the most data.
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your experimental marketing efforts.
  • Find out how many leads you've generated and the amount of data collected.
  • See how long it is taking for each prospect to complete your survey.
  • Follow up with leads quicker and more efficiently.
You'll be able to view, analyze and report your collected data right from your QwikDash dashboard. Personalize your reports and share your results with anyone. Your access to real-time data will empower your experimental marketing efforts and help you adjust on the fly. 

No need to worry about Internet connection, once you've signed in, your data will be synced up once you reconnect.


Charts and Graphs

Our event marketing platform automatically converts your data into graphs and charts in real-time. We take your collected data and present it in an easy-to-understand fashion that's visually appealing and informative. 

You can also export these graphs and charts and share them with your team. You'll be able to paint a picture and report sustainable results.

A New Breed of Lead Generation

Gone are the days where you would spend all day collecting data, only to wait weeks before you could actually use your results to generate leads. QwikDash is a new breed of lead generation that gives you instant access to your hottest leads - improving your turnaround time and increasing your chances of closing a sale. 

QwikDash also allows you to prioritize your leads. Using qualifying questions and gauging the results of your prospects, we send your hottest leads to the front of the line to ensure you reach out to them in a timely fashion.

Team Member Stats

QwikDash gives you real-time access to your team members’ stats. You can see who's capturing the most data and give them incentives to improve their performances. You'll also be able to determine how many staff members you need and which members are best for certain aspects of your event. The end result is an event marketing effort that runs like a well-oiled machine.

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