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Data Collection With No Boundaries

The world of event marketing is unpredictable. You almost never know what you are walking into and what challenges you will face. With QwikDash, we give you peace of mind knowing you are ready for whatever comes your way. 

Ever been to a conference where the Wi-Fi isn't working? How about a festival where you are competing for signal with thousands of others? With QwikDash, there's no need to fret. We give you the ability to capture data in offline mode. 

Once you've logged on, there's no need for Internet connection. All of your captured data will be stored locally until you reconnect to the Internet. Once you do reconnect, all of your data will besent through and stored in your account. 

Connecting to a slow network? Stop waiting on your information to load, and switch to offline mode. You will still have all the functionality you need to capture data.

An Edge Over the Competition

While your competitors are waiting around trying to connect to the WiFi, have comfort knowing you're able to capture the data you need without being dependent on Internet access - giving you the ability to capture more data. 

So the next time you're looking to engage with customers in an open field or uncontrolled environment, don't be afraid to pull the plug on your Internet connection and go offline.

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