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Team Member Stats

Real-Time Team Member Stats

QwikDash gives you real-time access to your team member's stats. You'll have insights on who's capturing the most data and generating the most leads. 

By measuring your team stats, you'll be able to staff your events more efficiently. QwikDash lets you determine how many staff members will be needed for your events, and which team members are best for certain aspects of your event. 

Whether you're working a one-time event or overseeing a long-campaign, you'll have the information you need to track performances and manage your assets appropriately. 

You can view, analyze and share your collected stats right from your QwikDash dashboard. Your access to this real-time data will empower your experimental marketing efforts and enable you to make adjustments on the go. 

No Internet connection? No problem. Once you've logged in, your team member's stats will be stored locally until you're back online. Perfect for event marketing and data collection in uncontrolled environments.

The New Leader in Data Collection

Our data collection tool was created to handle all of your data collection and event marketing needs. No matter your venue, environment or audience, QwikDash provides a seamless platform that puts your needs at the forefront. We give you everything you may need to capture, engage, prioritize and convert your hottest leads in real-time. 

QwikDash has been used by some of the biggest brands around, but it has been enhanced and made available for companies of all sizes and needs. You don't need a large budget or sales team - all you need is QwikDash.

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