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Waiver Form

Need Signatures? No Problem.

If your promotion requires age verification or interacts with the public in a significant way, you may need a waiver form. Waiver forms and the terms, conditions and disclaimers they contain reduce your risk and liability. 

If you need signatures for your event marketing promotion, put away the pen and paper, and let QwikDash go to work. Our built-in waiver form makes gathering signatures quick and easy. You'll save time, paper and your sanity. 

With a wave of your prospect's finger, our online waiver form allows you to collect digital signatures on the go. Once you've collected your prospect's digital signature, the waiver form will be saved as a PDF for you to download or print at your discretion.

QwikDash Delivers Painless Event Marketing Solutions

Going green does more than help the bottom line; it helps your event marketing team become more efficient. There's not need to wrangle paper and decode handwriting. You can focus on more productive activities like customer engagement and lead capturing. 

QwikDash also lets you change or adjust your prospect surveys on the fly. If you feel your survey isn't being effective or engaging, you can edit it and update it live. There's no need to print outa new stack of papers or whiteout certain questions. This is just another way we help you save paper, time and improve your efficiency.

Real-Time Results

QwikDash provides a seamless process that collects your needed data and reports results in real time. Gone are the days of manually entering information into your database or CRM and wasting weeks of valuable follow-up time. We streamline the process and help you collect reliable data, deliver a higher ROI and capture the leads you need to grow your business.

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